Thursday, March 4, 2010

Until i got the authority to show you new pages from the upcoming Percy Jackson graphics novel,here are some confection from my desk.Last summer during my trip in the States,i was so lucky to visit the Dc/Vertigo office and had an appointment with editor Pornsak Pichetshote.
(Many thanks to Igor Kordey to help me in this)

The meeting turned out well,so much that i had a chance to do some sample pages for his title,the Unknown Soldier.

It was a great pleasure for me,especially because i am a huge fan of the character,and Joshua Dysart's work too,so it was a great combination.

So the four pages i had to do was a great fun,and i could also use a technics i really like.

It is a mixing of chinese ink and watercolour.And some coal pops up sometimes in a special effect.

And what is the result of these samples?

Well,Pornsak really liked it,and as i heard the other editors at Vertigo too,so we will see what happens.....the waiting is the most exciting.

And now it is your turn to check these pages,and tell me your oppinions about them



  1. Hi Attila!
    Happy to find you!
    I do not know if you remember me, we met in Florence at the International School of Comics.
    Really awesome your art!